Needed Material: 10ml Urin, pH 3-4

Tested is Formate, the metabolite of Formaldehyde.

General Information:

A major source is tobacco smoke. In homes and offices, formaldehyde can be found in in chipboard and corkboards, insulation materials and floor coverings.

Other possible sources:
Antiperspirants, pharmaceuticals, car care products, bath preparations, deodorants, disinfectants, paints, felt-tip pens, floor sealers, dishwashing detergents, rubber, household cleaners, wood preservatives, insulating foams, adhesive foils, adhesives, charcoal lighters, cosmetics, plastics, plastic foams, lacquers, leather, glue, metals, mouthwashes, nail hardeners, paper, photographic paper, cleaning products, shoe care products, soap, shampoos, putty, chipboard, textiles, detergents, softeners, toothpaste.

Possible health problems include respiratory problems, nose irritation, constant cold, irritable cough, asthma, skin allergies, hair loss, sore throat and headache, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, conjunctivitis, stomach discomfort, heart problems, dizziness, difficulty concentrating.