Urine analysis (UMA) - MicroTrace Minerals

Urine Metal Analysis (UMA)

Urine metal concentrations reflect excretion levels.

A comparison of an unprovoked (unchallenged) baseline urine with a Provocation urine following chelation allows an estimation regarding the body's metal load and the chelating agent's binding capability.

Our COMPARISON REPORT directly compares test results of repeat analysis results. A sample of repeat DMPS mobilisation urines can be viewed here.

Baseline Urine

  • Elevated metal levels indicate immediate exposure. The renal system excretes metals without being provoked.
  • A low concentration on essential metals in urine may be caused by a reduced or inadequate dietary intake. It does not necessary indicate a nutritional deficiency.
  • If urine baseline results indicate low zinc excretion levels, supplementation is recommended before DMPS or EDTA chelation therapy, esp. in the presence of low blood and hair zinc levels. (Reason: EDTA and DMPS are strong chelators of zinc, and will bind this metal even if deficient)
  • To determine a nutritional deficiency, urine is not the ideal specimen

A sample report can be viewed here.