Scientists uncover link between gut bacteria and autism

A healthy gut bacteria should be the aim in the prevention and treatment of numerous diseases. Concerned parents and patients must still be made aware that microbiological testing of feces MUST be done in a local laboratory,...More


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Topic: The role of Aluminum (Al) in Medicine and our Environment More

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Car Pollution Linked To Childhood Cancers

Reporting at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Washington, D.C., scientists said that mothers who had higher exposure while pregnant to traffic pollution coming from car and...More

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NEW Energy-Saving Light Bulb without Mercury

When Energy-Saving Light Bulbs break, poisonous mercury is released into the air & environment.More

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As of now eBook Toxic Metals and Chelation also on Apple iBookstore available

Metals affect a number of diseases. With our changing environment, the role of toxic metals and their influence on health received medical attention after the 1950s, and the need for intervention is growing. Internationally,...More

25.03.2013Toxic Metals and Antidotes: The Chelation Therapie Handbook - Book Cover

BPA Exposure Linked To Asthma In Kids

The list of adverse health effects from BPA exposure continues to grow.More

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As of now we make Bisphenol A analysis

This chemical substance is considered a hazardous chemical. Because it acts like the hormone estrogen, BPA is considered a risk factor for animal and human reproduction and has been associated with reproductive disorders in...More

15.02.2013Bisphenol A molecule
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