DMSA and DMPS: Does more of a chelator increase metal binding and excretion?

Latest publication from E. Blaurock-Busch and Reinhard Strey. (published in umwelt – medizin – gesellschaft - 30 - 4/2017 in German)

At present, it is assumed that the application of higher amounts of a chelating agent increases metal binding and thus the detoxification process. This does not seem to be the case. The manufacturer of DMPS (Dimaval), Heyl Berlin published data that indicate that for instance 2 or more ampules of DMPS intravenously applied do not result in double binding.

The same principle applies to other chelating agents. For example, when comparing 500mg to 1000mg DMSA applied orally, results do not increase as expected.

Study data and statistics are included.

Full article (in German only):

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