Comparing the Genetic Detox Ability and Heavy Metal Burden in a Cohort of Samples of Egyptian Children and those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Our latest research paper on autism was just published in the Journal of Clinical and Medical Research. We compared the toxic metal burden of autistic and healthy patients living in the same environment (as we had done with our study on Nigerian children) and evaluated and compared their genetic detoxification ability in regards to the Glutathione-S-transferases GSTM1 and GSTT1.

We did not locate a greater metal burden in our ASD group but could demonstrate that zinc deficiency as seen through blood testing is 3x more prevalent in the ASD group. Zinc deficiency reduces the function and activity of the SOD1 enzyme and inactivity of the SOD enzyme disturbs the cell metabolism. Since zinc is needed for proper functioning of the zinc-containing Phase I Enzyme SOD1 (CuZnSOD), which plays a role in the Metallothionine gene expression of the detoxification system, we can safely assume that further genetic testing especially of the SOD1 enzyme is needed, in addition to blood metal testing, to evaluate the combined effect of toxic metal burden in the presence of zinc deficiency.

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