e-book Gentle Detox - The Natural Detoxification Program

In the last decades, toxic metal syndromes have been described. Chronic overexposure to lead, mercury and other potentially toxic metals can affect body and brain, causing a wide variety of diseases, including skin and heart problems, contributing to Alzheimer, cancer and depression. International research has accumulated a large body of evidence linking chronic disease to environmental problems and some of it is listed here. Today, doctors and patients alike are more concerned about the diagnosis and treatment of chronic metal exposure and with this booklet we help them through the jungle of information. We explain what diagnostic tests are useful, and why and how the individual genetic make-up predisposes people to accumulate metals, where toxins are hidden.

Medicine utilizes synthetic agents to detoxify acute and chronic metal intoxication. However, such chemical treatment may not be appropriate for sensitive patients, the very young or elderly. Nature has provided us with nutrients that are similarly capable of ‘chelating’ metals and this book explains not only the toxicity of metals, which symptoms they may cause or which organ systems they affect, nature also provides nutritional alternatives to synthetic chelation. We explain how natural detoxifying agents work, and provide nutritional self-treatment protocols.Nutritional detox requires more recovery and healing time. When it comes to chronic metal exposure, we need to admit that our organ systems did not get overburdened in one week or month. The body gradually adjusted to toxins, and it will appreciate a gradual and gentle elimination of the burdensome load so natural healing can take place.