DMPS + ZnDTPA combination therapy

A comparison of the Mono-DMPS therapy compared to the DMPS-ZnDTPA combination therapy for heavy metal detoxification

( original in German: Untersuchungen zur Mono-DMPS Mobilisationstherapie im Vergleich zur DMPS + ZnDTPA Kombinationstherapie bei der Schwermetallentgiftung. )

Original research report from E.Blaurock-Busch. J Umwelt Medizin-Gesellschaft 25 4/2012


It is assumed that the timely application of two synthetic chelating agents with different binding abilities results in the binding and mobilisation of a broader spectrum of toxic metals. The statistical evaluation of results obtained after DMPS iv only compared to the iv combination treatment DMPS+ZnDTPA did not provide results as anticipated. The combination treatment increased the lead mobilisatin only, and no other toxins.

If this warrants the combined intravenous application of two powerful chemical agents needs to be addressed.