Environmental Toxins

Through testing blood or urine, the individual systemic toxic exposure can be monitored quantitatively. Human Biomonitoring of organic toxic substances and their metabolites is used to determine the degree of acute and past exposures.

To assess past exposures, we take into account the half-life of toxic substances. Those with a long half-life such as certain pesticides or the polychlorinated biphenoles can be detected years after exposure.

We test insecticides, bactericides, wood preservatives and chemical solvents.

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Pesticides, Arsenic and other toxins

This documentary, The Silent Fields is focused on environmental pollution as it affects the people in Punjab, India.


Punjab, India: Heavy metals, deep impact

Toxic metals have poisoned subsoil in some parts of Punjab to an extent that children have developed deformed limbs – many suffer from mental disorders. Cancer and heart diseases among adults are rampant.

MTM – Micro Trace Minerals has supported the study.

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